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Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding Relax and enjoy your vacation knowing your cat is lounging in his / her own private pen with outdoor access to a fully enclosed pen equipped with fun objects and plants to enjoy in our idyllic country setting!


Our focus is on every cat's individual needs, comfort and safety. We have designed our indoor and outdoor pens with the cat's needs first and foremost! The cat's needs dictate our programs, feeding, checks, play & cuddle time.



We proudly feature the following:






Rate or Discount
/ cat / night

All rates subject to GST

  Regular Rate - 1 cat

$20.00 $20.00 / night
  Multiple cats - same pen
      NB: Must be able to sleep together safely and comfortably, otherwise a separate pen and the regular rate applies.

20% discount* $16 each cat / night
  Month long Stay - 1 cat

15% discount* $17.00 / night
  Month long Stay - multiple cats - same pen
      NB: Must be able to sleep together safely and comfortably, otherwise a separate pen and the regular rate applies.

25% discount* $15.00 / cat / night
  4H Member Discount 10% discount*; $18.00 / night
  Senior's Discount 10% discount* $18.00 / night

*Please note that discounts can not be combined

If necessary, administration of medication or treatment will be determined on an individual case-by-base basis. Please contact us to discuss your cat's needs.

Rates may change without notice.











Drop-off and Pick-Up Times

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily

For earlier or later appointments, please contact us - we'll be happy to accommodate a time that works best for you.

Please bring your cat in a crate upon arrival to the kennel.

Types of Cats

We love and accept any type and breed of cat over the age of 16 weeks.

What To Bring

We feel it best to keep each cat on his / her usual feed and schedule, thereby preventing as little disruption as possible.

Please bring all of your cat's usual food and treats along with feeding instructions. We also recommend to provide extra food as a precaution in case of a delay in pick-up (you never know about travel plans and delays).

Please bring any bedding and toys for your cat. Being with familiar items from home will help aid in the comfort of your cat during their stay with us.


A health certificate from a Veterinarian is required, confirming that your cat has up to date vaccinations for the following:

Sample Contract

Please peruse the following contracts and documents:

Daily Schedule

Cats are very habitual and we keep a strict routine to aid in the comfort of all of the pets in our care. We recognize that all cats are different and they will be treated as individuals

First thing in the morning:






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