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About Us

Tracy & Alan Goodbrand - passionate about animals!The Irricana Kountry Kennel is family owned and operated, located just NE of Irricana, Alberta on 30 acres.

Owners, Tracy & Alan Goodbrand, are true animal lovers. Actually, their whole life revolves around animals and always has. Animals mean everything to them and are truly their passion!





Get To Know the Pack Leaders


Tracy Goodbrand

Tracy Goodbrand

Tracy Goodbrand has been passionate about animals all of her life! She is a country girl who has had many types of animals in her life.

Tracy has such empathy for animals! She was that young girl who tried to save the baby weasels when their mama was killed. She kept their pink bodies warm in her bedroom and fed them with an eye dropper every 2 hours. She even tried to save the baby magpie when he fell from the nest, but couldn't' fly yet.

Her heart always grows 2 sizes every time she comes across an animal that is in distress or isn't being treated right. Over the years, many of her pets have been rescued.

Tracy completing on Maxwell Maxwell, a horse she rescued at the age of 6 years old, and Tracy spent 25 years together. They hold many high point titles, awards, and even qualified for the World Appaloosa Show back in the day when it was hard for a Canadian to qualify!

Her goal is to ensure animal's needs are met and make a difference to their lives!

Tracy is an experienced animal handler, a Certified Pro dog Trainer, a Certified Canine Specialist (PIJAC) and also has her Pet First Aid certificate.

Tracy presently competes in Rally Obedience, Sprinting, and conformation. All her dogs hold titles and she will continue to compete with them. She is also interested in scent work and agility.

Ceertified pro Dog Trainer      PIJAC Canine Specialist Certificate      Pet First Aid Certificate


More pictures of Tracy

Tracy Riding Joey with Roux    Tracy cuddling with Quinn on Deck of kennel    Tracy with Quinn, Roux and Joey



Alan Goodbrand

Alan Goodbrand

Alan Goodbrand grew up with a dog and cats as a kid, and that certainly kindled his love for animals!

He has such affinity for pets, understanding their needs and wanting to make sure they are well taken care of.

He is totally aware that dogs and cats have shorter life spans than we do, but the tears still roll down is face every time he has to say goodbye. Even to this day, he still misses Brandy and Chicago, who were his first dogs as an adult.Alan with Chicago!

He loves all types of animals, and can be caught cuddling with them at the most unexpected times.


More pictures of Alan

Alan Quinn chilling in hammock    Alan with puppy following    Alan cuddling with Quinn


Dancing at the Irricana Valentine's Day Dance
In their spare time, Tracy and Alan love ballroom and country dancing. You can find them every year at the Irricana Valentine's Day Dance, and various dances by Alberta Dance Sport and Dance Energy.


Animals We Own

We feel so lucky to have animals in our lives. They all make our lives so full and rewarding!

We proudly share our lives with:


Three dogs - Quinn, a 2016 black Doberman male; Reeva, a 2018 black bitch; and Karisma (aka Baby K), a 2019 black bitch, and their future foundation breeding bitch. All are registered dobermans and all hold titles.

Quinn   ReevaKarisma


2 Cats - Shadow, a resuce kitten from a feral cat on our propety and Cedo, a stray that we rescued.

Shadow   Cedo


2 horses - Joey, a Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding. and Forester, a paint gelding.

Plus, we have the pleasure of boarding other horses too, which brings us such joy!

Joey   Forester


We love our 'ladies'! Nothing beats a fresh farm raised egg!

Betty   Mabel   Clarence, Abigail, Beatrice








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